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Welcome to the home of Swaadisht, Restaurants and Take-away's.
We offer a splendour of North Indian cuisine, prepared by our authenitic Eastern chefs. Translated from Sanskrit, Swaadisht means "‘Tasty or Delicious". Coupled with our authentic, quality prepared meals, and generous portions, the company has lived up to the meaning of the "Swaadisht Experience"!
The Swaadisht menu boasts 117 delicious dishes and although the food concept is mainly North Indian, we also cater for the unique South African  traditional tastes. Our dishes are prepared with the utmost attention to detail to ensure you get the best taste experience! Our skillfully spiced dishes, shows off in it's amazing flavours and textures together with it's rich colours is sure to deliver an unforgetable taste for any pallette. It's no wonder we won the Cocoa-Cola best bunny competition!

Come explore the Swaadisht Experince!



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